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How to pick the perfect Couple Jewelry Sets. From design to measurements!

Engagement rings are a symbol of the affection, devotion, and loyalty between two people. The shape and design of a ring may symbolize other symbols couples choose when making the perfect ring for their relationship.

The symbolism of the Matching Necklaces

Archduke Maximilian gave his bride Mary de Burgundy the first diamond engagement ring in 1477. Before that time engagement rings were simply metal bands (iron for commoners, while silver and gold were popular for those who were royalty) or incorporated less expensive gemstones. Diamond solitaire engagement rings remain the most popular choice for many couples however other gemstones are becoming increasingly popular.

The ring was intended to promote the woman's status as a woman who was promised to the husband of her dreams. It also reflected the social standing and the wealth of her husband.

The ancient Romans believed that the left ring finger contained the "vena Amoris", or love vein that connected directly to the hearts. Other ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptians also utilized the same symbolism, and the custom persists today with both engagement rings and wedding bands. In reality, wedding rings are first placed on the left ring finger, to be near to the heart.

Read our guide to figure out which finger you should put your ring.

The circle and the engagement ring

Engagement rings are essentially rings made of metal. the circle is part of the sacred geometry of. The circles are neither finished nor unfinished, and represent renewal, eternity and perfection. They also symbolize the elements of the sun, moon and planets, uniting all life just as an engagement ring binds the lives of two people.

Double ring ceremony

In the course of World War II, when many young men left behind wives or girlfriends and friends, the practice of a double ring wedding ceremony became widespread in the United States. In a ceremony with a double ring both males and females receive wedding rings, whereas traditional wedding ceremonies only one ring was presented to the bride.

The exchange of rings was an act of fidelity and love, mutual respect and love in a marriage rather than a property.

Today it is becoming more and more commonplace for men to wear engagement rings to indicate that they are committed to an engagement proposal. Many couples enjoy the double ring ceremony and the popularity of men's engagement rings is growing to further enhance the significance of this symbol.

The symbolism of the engagement ring

Many couples choose engagement ring designs that are infused with personal meaning. Celtic engagement rings, for instance have a distinct design and are decorated with knots from family members, ethnic traditions and other symbols. Rings from the past can be an heirloom, preserving family traditions. Designer engagement rings may have unique features like delicate filigree designs that spell out words or numbers. Unique settings can also be utilized to reflect the couple's unique symbolism. In our article, we present several rings for you to choose from.

Another method to incorporate personal symbolism in a ring is to use multiple diamonds. For instance engagement rings that have three differently shaped diamonds each representing a different moment in the relationship the past, present, and the future.

Engraving engagement rings is another option to add a sense of meaning to jewelry. Some cultures believe that engraving the circle on the ring will bring bad luck because it weakens the symbol (there is no real distinction in strength or durability) However, other beliefs suggest it will increase authenticity and intimacy and will build a stronger connection.

It is evident that the meaning behind the engagement ring plays a major part in the selection of the bride and groom's rings. Whether I choose traditional diamond solitaire rings to pay homage to traditions or a traditional ring to celebrate family or a brand new engagement ring that incorporates personal symbols the most important aspect is that the ring truly symbolizes love, honor and commitment to those who they will share it with.

For a long time, an engagement ring's opulence was an indication of wealth for a man, and his ability to provide for his wife. Women were not able to own property, and were dependent on their husbands' support to support their needs. We're pleased to report that we've advanced a great deal since then, and modern couples are finding numerous ways to personalize and update the traditional engagement ring of the 21st century!

Why not give an engagement ring with diamonds? engagement ring

The imagination and budget are your only limitations: you'll be able to find an engagement ring to suit virtually any style, lifestyle or persona.

There are a variety of options for engagement rings. These include multiple colored gemstones or diamonds or a ring that has three stones, or a diamond ring with stones circling its perimeter. Another option is to pick diamond bands as your engagement ring. What is the best method to go about it? Take a look at these suggestions.

Solitaire: All eyes are on the Diamond

The diamond is the focal point of an engagement ring with a solitaire diamond. The ring is striking, pure appearance. It is a symbol that speaks directly to the person wearing it. The single diamond can be set on top of a plain ring or an ornate one, but it stands alone.

You'll probably spend more money on the diamond in solitaire ring than in the ring.

Some reasons to consider the solitaire engagement ring

A solitaire ring is timeless and allows women to "dress up" the ring with matching rings or an elaborate wedding band.

Buy a diamond you would like to be seen with.

The classic elegance and simplicity of solitaire rings will fit every woman's personality and style.

Remember: "A diamond will last forever". This implies that the strength, rarity and pureness of the diamond are tied to the permanence and sanctity of your marriage. The diamond engagement ring represents your commitment to her. It is, however, a non-verbal acknowledgment of your love for her.

What is the best engagement rings for her:

Give her an engagement ring with diamonds to show your love and commitment.

Be real.

Honesty is the best policy

Be vulnerable and let your voice be heard.

Even if you're afraid that you are, it is the vulnerability that creates the most profound feelings of love and bond. Tell her what you think about her choice to select you as her husband, and also about the respect that comes with being her spouse. Also tell her your hopes for the coming years.

You should anchor your dreams and feelings to the diamond engagement ring. A diamond engagement ring could be interpreted as a symbol of the love you have for each other forever.

A diamond engagement ring also said to represent the circle of life. In addition, it is a sign of your desire to share the remainder of your life with her. In this instance, learning to meet each other's requirements will help in making your marriage a happy one.

The purchase of an engagement ring is an important milestone in your relationship. After all, it means your relationship is now at the next level of commitment. In this way, you move forward in your lives together.

The symbol of a diamond engagement ring helps enhance your life by what it represents for your relationship. The ring that you receive for engagement symbolizes the love and beauty you both share.

So when he gazes at the diamond, it might be enjoyable to hear your voice whispering "I love you" because that is the true meaning of an engagement ring.


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